There is a growing sense of community at Jackalberry Residential Estate with infrastructure going up and home ownership being transferred.

Sappi, in a joint venture with the eLan Property Group, is a driving force behind Mandeni’s first gated estate.

Over the holidays, security will be put in place in the village, giving residents additional freedom over the festive season.

The business of estate living starts in earnest early next year with the first community meeting scheduled for February 2018.

All registered and non-registered owners at Jackalberry Residential Estate are invited to attend the meeting at which many important decisions will be taken. Most importantly, nominations for the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) will be put forward. Owners will be represented by the HOA regarding the running of the estate, as well as adopting rules for residents and visitors.

It is a meeting not to be missed as estate levies, rates and important issues and procedures will be discussed.

It’s not too late to invest in Jackalberry Residential Estate

Living on a secure residential estate comes with many lifestyle benefits. By sharing amenities and recreation facilities, residents enjoy the convenience of having a golf course, school, church, and club house with a pool within the estate. With safe spaces for children to run around, play and ride their bikes, children can enjoy independence while their parents know they are safe.

“All these shared facilities add so much value to the homeowners’ asset,” says eLan Sales Agent, Julie Naidoo. “Buyers who have purchased in the developing phases of the estate stand to benefit hugely from the expected increases in property values.”

According to Naidoo, property sales are brisk. “Buyers are attracted by the peace of mind that a secure estate brings, as well as the convenience of having everything they need within walking distance.”

There are still homes available for sale on the estate, contact Julie Naidoo or Bonny Muringai to find out more.

  • There are 26 houses available in Jackalberry Residential Estate, priced between R345,000 and R760,000.
  • 10 houses are available outside the estate, priced between R610,000 and R710,000.
  • The sale of 20 houses have already been registered and owners have taken transfer of the properties
  • Another 38 houses have been sold and are in the process of being transferred.

Originally built as homes for employees working for the Mandeni Mill, these houses present a great opportunity for new owners to restore them according to their family’s specific needs. Selling at relatively low price points, new owners stand to gain from their investment in improving the homes, as well as from the added value which comes from living on an estate.

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With the completion of the gatehouse at Jackalberry Residential Estate, the property development moves into a new phase as the estate community starts becoming a formal entity.

JB Gatehse traffic

Access controls will be put in place in January 2018, securing the estate and giving residents the peace of mind that estate living brings.



Owning a property on Jackalberry Residential Estate brings lifestyle benefits, in addition to being a wise investment option, with property values expected to increase significantly.