Jackalberry Estate Phase 1 is reaching completion, in line with the commitment made by Sappi Tugela and the eLan Property Group Joint Venture.

All applications and zoning approvals are complete, and consultations have taken place with members of the community in Mandini town. The process has taken just over two years but with the endeavours and support of the local municipality, results are now showing. The fenceline hard structure is up, with road closures still to take place, and the gatehouse reaching roof truss height.

Sappi Tugela HR Manager, Danie Kolver has overseen the process on behalf of Sappi Tugela Mill. He says: “From Sappi’s perspective, we have been delighted by the positive response from the community.”


“Working with Barry Robinson, brought onboard as an engineering consultant has really helped to move things forward. eLan Property Group’s appointed Project Manager, Antony Arbuthnot has done a sterling job of keeping things on-track.”

Robinson says it’s been gratifying to see how people both inside and outside the estate have embraced the project. “There’s a sense of excitement and the buy-in has been virtually universal,” he says.

Creating an estate reinforces owners’ sense of security and community. “For first-time buyers owning their own home is the beginning of a journey to financial security, especially if the home’s value increases, as is expected for the properties in Jackalberry.”

Andrew Thompson of the eLan Property Group looks forward to the electrification of the fence line and completion of the gatehouse in November 2017.

“What a great achievement from the team,” he said. “Sales agents, Julie Naidoo and Bonny Muringai must take the credit for a superb effort – coming close to selling out this portion of Jackalberry Estate.”


He was also quick to mention the planning and investigation through various stakeholders which is already in motion for Phases 2 to 6 at Jackalberry Estate. Riaan Thomson of Urbis Planning is working on the project which will include a Mandini New Town Centre.



  • Perimeter fence line 5,1 km
  • 15 houses have been sold, registered and transferred
  • 42 houses are sold and in the process of being lodged and transferred.
  • 28 houses, ranging in price from R380,000 to R765,000 are available for sale in Jackalberry Estate
  • 11 houses outside the estate, ranging in price from R610,000 to R710,000 are available from Sappi